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The Simulator

The Simulator

Steady Eddie the Perfect Neddie! Here at the Playbarn Riding Centre we have the only riding simulator in East Anglia in a riding school environment. He is a fantastic instructional aid suitable for both new and exisiting riders. He has leg and rein sensors allowing you to ride him just like a real horse and practice your transitions from walk through to canter.

Steady Eddie allows the instructor to correct the riders position at all paces and as he never gets tired you can practice until perfection is achieved. 

Steady Eddie features:

  • Realistic body shape with real horse hair mane and tail.
  • Realistic walk, trot and canter.
  • A lean to the left and right with the riders movement.
  • Half halt and stop on the reins.
  • Leg and rein sensors

Exercises can be used to help build the riders balance, core strength and stability without the worry of upsetting the horse.

Riders of all ages and abilities can use the simulator and it is very useful for fitness and nervous riders.

Lessons can be booked with one of our instructors or with your own. We can also offer lessons with a biomechanics RWYM coach. Saddles can be changed to accomodate a GP, Dressage, childs saddle or one of yours.

Groups are welcome, the simulator is situated in a warm training room with mirrors and tea/coffee making facilities and toilets. The simulator is booked by time slot so it does not matter how many people want to have a go! 


Playbarn Riding Centre Members.

£25 1/2hr.

£40 1hr.

£68 2hr.


Non members with own instructor:

£15 1/2hr.

£28 1hr.

£54 2hrs.